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Sid and Tommy found me on Instagram. They had bought a Luton van and half-converted it over lockdown, but when they returned to work they found they no longer had the time to finish their build, and Loki the van sat, waiting to be done. 

This build was an interesting one as Luton vans are essentially like big boxes, and work a little differently to the standard campervan set up. The great thing about them is that they have so much room to work with. Sid sent me a walk-through of what needed finishing on their van, and some extras they wanted. I was able to give her a quote and book the van in, and away we went! 

They needed plumbing installed, as well as a large fresh & wastewater tank to sit underneath the van, appliances fitting, a shower area and secret pull-out toilet, kitchen finishing off a desk for them to work on the road, and general finishing details. They also had a large gaping hole in the roof where they had fitted a window hatch and not clamped it down properly when driving resulting in it flying off! So I turned this into a skylight for them. 

Loki's Spec:

  • 200AH battery

  • 4x100watt solar panels

  • full kitchen with fridge freezer, oven, hob and sink

  • water heater

  • full shower area

  • secret pull out 'simploo' toilet

  • Fresh and waste water tank with monitors

  • Diesel heater

  • Full double bed above the cab

  • pull out desk area

  • sofa area which pulls out into a spare double bed

  • under-floor storage for Kayaks 

  • skylight

  • USB points

  • LED strips 

  • 240 sockets and hook up

  • and a whole lot more!


'Craig was absolutely fantastic. He turned our beast of a van from a botch job to a studio flat on wheels. No problem was too big, and you could tell that he finds joy in what he does. His craftsmanship is just brilliant too, the finishing touches were outstanding. If you are looking to convert a van, Craig is your guy! We cannot thank him enough.’

Sid & Tommy


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