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Dean & Jenny found me somewhere on the inter webs and we got talking, they came through to the workshop for a meet up and a chat. They knew exactly what layout they wanted and the finishes. Jenny drew some drawings to scale of what was required and I got to work with that.

Betty has everything needed to live full-time off grid or to go away for the occasional weekend away.

Betty has a full sized shower 100cm x 700cm, hot water that can be used on hookup or gas, deisel air heating, 375 watt solar power, 220ah lithium batteries, DC-DC charger,  hookup, fridge freezer, lights, 4 x usb A, 4 x usb C, dimmable lights throughout , sink, cooker, freshwater tank, grey water tank, portable toilet, three belted seats in the cab, a small double bed which doubles up as a dinning area. Tons of storage in the form of cupboards and draws. Dean was insistant that he had some funky led lights that change colours that turned out really well.


We started bugging Craig with questions before we had even found a van for him to convert, he was always happy to answer them, and we quickly realised he really knew his stuff.  We secured his next build slot and hunted for the perfect van.  

By the time Craig was free to start work on Betty we had formed a pretty definite idea of what kind of look and layout we wanted, and we really feel that Craig has managed to take exactly what was in our heads and make it a reality.

Craig was always open to our ideas and would add his expertise and knowledge from previous builds to make them work.

We would have no problem recommending Craig if you are looking to convert a van, he was always quick to reply to any messages, he is very knowledgeable and a true craftsman.

We couldn’t be happier with our finished van, it is going to be the perfect home from home and we can’t wait to start having adventures in it.

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