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Kian's Van

Kian's van has hot water, air heating, 350 watt solar power, 220ah lithium batteries, DC-DC charger  hookup, fridge freezer, lights,4 x usb A, 4 x usb C, dimmable lights throughout , sink, cooker, freshwater tank, grey water tank, portable toilet, shower, three belted seats in the cab, a small single bed. 

Kian was very specific in what he wanted and we managed to get this just how he wanted.

Heres a video of Kian giving a tour of his van...


Working with Craig was an absolute pleasure: We set things off with a broad plan of what we want to achieve, and after the first few weeks which went by like a breeze with a ton of infrastructure progress, our feedback frequency increased significantly and we started to come up with all sorts of ideas about the Van. Some of the ideas I posed, I must confess, seemed a bit hard at first, but I am gladly impressed at Craig's ability to make them all happen. 


My entire build was done remotely and I didn't visit at all, so we planned to spend the last week working closely together onsite, which turned out to be an excellent ending to the project: We wrapped up all the last bits together and I got the opportunity to learn a lot about the internals of the van as well. 


All in all, I think having someone else build a secondary (or for some, primary) home for you is a big deal, and it is important to establish a good connection to that person. After all, the outcome of their work will be your day to day living for the foreseeable future. In my case, this connection has been established perfectly and I am very content to be living on the tiny house that Craig has built for me.

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